Time Span Analysis

The power of the geographic approach to intelligence analysis is in discovering underlying patterns and characteristics of clustered incidents. Most datasets represent a "snap shot" of incident activity - a simple count of the number of incidents between two given dates. Through Time Span Analysis, or aoristic analysis, we can calculate the probability that an event occurred at a location within given temporal parameters and assign this temporal probability weight to the incident.

Time Span Analysis is the most accurate way to perform day-of-week and hour-of-day analysis for incidents that occurred within a known time span, but where the exact time of some events is unknown. It works because, instead of assigning an incident to one day or one hour, an incident is distributed proportionally across all appropriate and possible time intervals.

The application of Time Span Analysis can aid analysts in better understanding temporal patterns of high volume incidents and plan patrols and prevention strategies accordingly. Applications include temporal IED emplacement analysis, burglary or theft analysis, intelligence preparation for route identification, situational awareness, mission planning, war gaming, and other multi-source analysis.


Time Span Analysis requires specific technical experience and software. Minimum system requirements for Esri Maps for Office can be found on the Support website.

Time Span Analysis is supported on Esri Maps for Office 2.1.4.

Requirement Description

Time Span Analysis

  • Working with formulas in Microsoft Excel

Map Authoring

  • Experience with formulas in Microsoft Excel

Time Span Analysis

  • Microsoft Excel 2010 or 2013
  • Esri Maps For Office Add-In

Map Authoring

  • Portal for ArcGIS, or
  • ArcGIS Online Subscription, and
  • Esri Maps For Office Add-In

What you get

When you download Time Span Analysis, you'll find the following files:

Directory Item Description
Time Span Analysis TimeSpanAnalysis.xlsx A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet containing data and formulas to conduct Time Span Analysis and publish a weighted aoristic point map using Esri Maps for Office.

What's new

Below are the release notes for Time Span Analysis. If you need support, please contact Esri Support Services. If you'd like to get help from other military and intelligence community members, post your question on GeoNet.

Version Description
1.0.0 The initial template release supports Esri Maps for Office 2.1.4 or later.

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