Hazard Vulnerability Assessment is a configuration of ArcGIS Pro that can be used by mitigation personnel to aggregate asset information and analyze potential vulnerabilities and exposures.

Hazard Vulnerability Assessment includes a set of tasks to help emergency management staff through the process of sourcing authoritative content, analyzing potential vulnerabilities, and sharing the results of the work with various stakeholders. It can then be enhanced with demographic, social vulnerability and hazard data, allowing a broad assessment of vulnerability and exposure across jurisdictions.


Hazard Vulnerability Assessment requires specific software.

Requirement Description
Map authoring
  • ArcGIS for Desktop (Standard or Advanced)
    • ArcGIS Pro 2.1 - 2.3

What you get

When you download Hazard Vulnerability Assessment, the download includes the following:

Directory Item Description
MapsandGeodatabase VulnerabilityAssessment.ppkx An ArcGIS Pro package used to author the Vulnerability Assessment map.
Data Sample file based inputs for use with the tasks.

What's new

Below are the release dates and notes for Hazard Vulnerability Assessment.

Date Description
January 2019
  • Support for ArcGIS Pro 2.3
June 2018
  • Support for ArcGIS Pro 2.2
January 2018
  • Support for ArcGIS Pro 2.1
September 2017
  • Updates to the data schemas used in analysis.
June 2017
  • Support for ArcGIS Pro 2.0
January 2017
  • Support for ArcGIS Pro 1.4
June 2016
  • First Release of Hazard Vulnerability Assessment

Get started with Hazard Vulnerability Analysis

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