Impact Summary Map

The Impact Summary Map can be used by emergency management organizations to quickly communicate impact of an event to interested parties. It utilizes enriched content to facilitate quick summary information for the affected population.

The Impact Summary Map is a configuration of an ArcGIS Online configurable application template. The application enables you to quickly configure, deploy and communicate impact using the application.


Impact Summary Map requires specific software.

Requirement Description
Map authoring
  • ArcGIS Online subscription
GIS service hosting
  • ArcGIS Online subscription, or
  • ArcGIS for Server (Standard or Advanced), or
    • ArcGIS Data Store, or
    • Enterprise or workgroup geodatabase
  • ArcGIS Enterprise (Standard or Advanced)
  • Impact Summary (ArcGIS Online configurable application template)

Get started with the Impact Summary Map

ArcGIS for Emergency Management

The Situational Awareness offering includes several companion maps and apps that should be configured in your organization:

Deployment option

Follow a few simple steps to leverage ArcGIS Pro and the ArcGIS Solutions Deployment Tool to quickly deploy this solution in your ArcGIS organization, configure it, and load your data if needed.