ArcGIS for Intelligence

Use maps and apps to manage your geospatial foundation, collect and integrate information, perform analysis, and disseminate intelligence.

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A - Z: All Templates

Browse this list of all templates currently offered for intelligence agencies.

Get Started with ArcGIS

Use these workflows to quickly get up and running with ArcGIS. Also relevant for experienced ArcGIS users.


Get maps, tools, application templates, application configurations, and widgets for intelligence tasks and workflows.


Watch videos and learn how to manage source information, perform analysis and fusion of information, maintain situational awareness, and share information with the Intelligence Cycle.

Foundation Management

Compile and manage geospatial data that supports visualization, planning, and analysis. Use tools to maintain accurate, up-to-date information that is discoverable and ready to use in your map, app, or presentation.

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Foundation Management

Collection and Integration

Information can be gathered from open, covert, electronic, aerial and satellite sources such as interviews, technical and physical surveillance, human source operations, and searches. Integrate and synthesize large amounts of data from diverse sources to pull meaning from the ever-expanding mass of information.

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Collection and Integration

Exploitation and Analysis

Once data has been collected and integrated, exploitation and in-depth analysis can be performed on all data to develop comprehensive answers to intelligence problems. Find patterns and trends in information gathered in various ways from different sources.

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Exploitation and Analysis

Information Sharing

Convey analytical assessments and ideas through dynamic and interactive products that bring together intelligence assessments, maps, text, and multi-media such as video and ground photos. The information products can be used as collaboration tools between analysts, to maintain situation awareness on current events, or as final intelligence products to inform and aid in complex decisions.

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Information Sharing