Blight Status is a configuration of Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS that can be used by local government leaders to proactively monitor the status of blight complaints and efforts made to reduce blighted properties.

Blight Status complements the Citizen Problem Reporter application and leverages complaint information submitted by the general public. It can also be configured to visualize blighted properties identified by the general public using the Photo Survey application. If your organization is not using the Citizen Problem Reporter application, publish your blight complaint information to your ArcGIS organization before configuring Blight Status.


Blight Status requires specific software.

Requirement Description
Map authoring
  • ArcGIS Online subscription
GIS service hosting
  • ArcGIS Online subscription, or
  • ArcGIS 10.4 for Server (Standard or Advanced), or
    • ArcGIS Data Store, or
    • Enterprise or workgroup geodatabase
  • ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5 - 10.6 (Standard or Advanced)
  • Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS

What you get

Blight Status is a configuration of the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS application and blight complaint information collected by the Citizen Problem Reporter or Photo Survey applications. It can be configured with ArcGIS Online without downloading an application.

If you are not using Citizen Problem Reporter or Photo Survey and want to configure Blight Status with your complaint information, add it to your ArcGIS organization prior to creating the maps and configuring the dashboard view.

What's new

Below are the release dates and notes for Blight Status.

Date Description
January 2018
  • Support for ArcGIS 10.6
February 2016
  • First release of Blight Status

Get started with Blight Status

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