Share with consumer applications

Sharing your road closure information as Open Data allows consumer navigation and traffic companies, like Waze, to leverage the information in applications used daily by the general public. Sharing up-to-date information with these applications helps minimize the impact of road closures, ease congestion, and enhance driver safety in your community.

To share your road closure information as Open Data and with consumer navigation and traffic applications, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your ArcGIS organization.
  2. When assigning a Creative Commons License to your RoadClosures layer, choose the following options:
    • Allow adaptations of your work to be shared: Yes
    • Allow commercial uses of your work: Yes
  3. Copy the HTML that is generated by the Creative Commons site.
  4. Browse to your RoadClosures_public layer and edit the item details.
  5. Click the Edit next to the Access and Use Constraints.
  6. Paste the HTML you copied from the Creative Commons site in to the Access and Use Constraints text box.
  7. Save the item.
  8. Enroll in the Waze Connected Citizens Program.
  9. Optionally, enable ArcGIS Open Data and configure your Open Data site.
  10. Share your RoadClosures_public layer with your Open Data group.