Maintain right of way assets; meet transportation and environmental quality needs; coordinate and plan capital projects; and operate parks, and government facilities in a safe and effective way.

Maintain Public Road Network

A collection of maps used by public works staff to manage the public road network, physical road characteristics, and associated maintenance agreements.

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Inventory Right of Way Assets

A collection of maps used by field staff to inventory signs, signals, streetlights, and other visible assets in the public right of way.

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Connect with Citizens

A collection of maps used by citizens to locate parks, obtain information about public works services, and submit requests for service in their community.

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Promote Public Parking

The Public Parking map can be used by parking staff to inventory parking assets and promote public parking alternatives in their community.


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Prepare for Incidents and Events

A collection of maps used by engineering and operations staff to prepare for incidents or events, develop response plans, and communicate road closures.

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Manage Snow Operations

The Snow Operations Dashboard application can be used by operations managers to monitor snow event responses and determine which streets are not getting attention.


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Maximize Capital Investments

A collection of maps and apps used by public works staff to define capital projects, coordinate project schedules, track project performance, and share project status with key stakeholders and citizens.

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Maintain Facilities and Grounds

A collection of maps and apps used by public works staff to maintain facilities and grounds on a campus or a single building.

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Learn how to leverage your geographic information and the ArcGIS Platform to improve government activities and enhance citizen services.

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Online Mapping Platform

Our ArcGIS Online model implementation will help you organize your geographic information and promote collaboration in your organization.

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