Deploy solution

Citizen Science Reporter can be deployed using the ArcGIS Solutions Deployment Tool, which will deploy the solution with all the required components into your ArcGIS organization.

Deploy Citizen Science Reporter

To deploy Citizen Science Reporter, complete the following steps:

  1. If necessary, download and install the ArcGIS Solutions Deployment Add-In.
  2. In ArcGIS Pro, from the Share tab, in the Deploy group, click the ArcGIS Solutions button.
  3. Double-click Sign in to ArcGIS Organization in the Tasks pane to open the step, then review and complete the instructions. Once you have completed the step, click the Finish button.
  4. Double-click Deploy an ArcGIS Solution in the Tasks pane, then expand the State Government group to see a list of available solutions.
  5. Select Citizen Science Reporter from the list, then click Deploy. Once the solution is deployed, click the Finish button.
  6. Verify the following solution components were created in your ArcGIS Organization:
    Item Name Description
    Application Citizen Science Reporter An configuration of the Crowdsource Reporter configurable application template used by members of the public to submit reports of plant and animal observations.
    Map Amphibians A map used to report amphibian observations.
    Map Birds A map used to report bird sightings.
    Map Invasive Plants A map used to report observations of invasive plants.
    Map Mammals A map used to report mammal sightings.
    Map Reptiles A map used to report reptile observations.
    Layer CitizenScience A hosted feature layer used to store plant and animal reports from the general public.
    Group Citizen Science Reporter A group used to configure the Crowdsource Reporter application and used to share maps with members of the general public who will be submitting reports.
  7. Share the Citizen Science Reporter solution with everyone.
  8. Optionally, begin configuring the solution to meet the needs of your Organization.