The Environmental Screening solution enables interested parties to understand potential impacts to the natural environment based on proposed projects or development initiatives. The Solution also supports reporting capabilities in order to persist and reflect the results of the analysis.

Environmental Screening is a configuration of Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS that can be deployed by government agencies and NGOs and accessed by interested parties on any device.


Environmental Screening requires specific and software.

Requirement Description
Map authoring
  • ArcMap 10.4 - 10.6
  • ArcGIS Online subscription
GIS service hosting
  • ArcGIS Online subscription, or
  • ArcGIS 10.4 for Server (Standard or Advanced), or
  • ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5 - 10.6 (Standard or Advanced)
  • Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS

What you get

When you download Environmental Screening, the download includes the following:

Directory Item Description
MapsandGeodatabase EnvironmentalScreening.mxd A map document used to publish EnvironmentalScreening service.
StateGovernment.gdb State Government geodatabase with sample data.
Images Logo images that can be used in the configuration of the Environmental Screening app.

What's new

Below are the release dates and notes for Environmental Screening.

Date Description
June 2018
  • Minor bug fixes for the Screening widget.
April 2018
  • Several enhancements and bug fixes have been incorporated into the Screening widget:
    • The shapefile data type is now supported for download with sync enabled feature services.
    • Number and date formatting configured in the pop-up is now honored in the report.
    • When using an ArcGIS Enterprise print service, custom layout templates can now be configured for the report.
    • A default layout can now be configured for the report.
    • Area or length of intersect is included in CSV downloads for polygon and polyline layer types.
    • Fixed issues related to analyzing multipart geometries and uploading shapefiles with more than 1,000 records.
January 2018
  • Support for ArcGIS 10.6.
December 2017
  • Several enhancements and bug fixes have been incorporated into the Screening widget:
    • A new option that allows the user to control which layers are analyzed and reported on using layer visibility
    • When using the widget, if all fields are disabled, the layer will not be included in the printed report
    • A bug was fixed to allow for multiple instances of the Screening widget to be configured in Web AppBuilder
    • In addition to Miles / Acreas and Kilometers / Square Kilometers, you can now report analysis results in the following units: Meters / Square Meters, Feet / Square Feet, and Kilometers / Hectares
    • When printing a report, the map extent can be set by the user; it is no long forced to the area of interest extent.
    • When reviewing analysis results in the panel, clicking on a result set will not highlight the associated features on the map.
    • When configuring the widget, fields will automatically be populated for each layer added.
    • Improvements to column handling in the printed report.
    • Several bug fixes related to Localization and Internationalization.
September 2017
  • Minor bug fixes addressed for the Screening widget.
  • The Screening widget is incorporated into Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Developer Edition.
  • Sample data updated.
June 2017
  • The Screening widget is incorporated in Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS.
  • It is now possible to define the location to analyze with a point or line.
  • Several enhancements to printing reports including the ability to choose a page size and orientation and ability to print a report even if no impacts are found. Additionally, it is now possible to configure a default report title and the color used for the table's column titles.
  • When URLs are a part of analysis results, they are now clickable.
  • It is now possible to choose which layers are selectable when defining the location to analyze.
March 2017
  • First release of Environmental Screening using Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition).

Get started with Environmental Screening

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Deployment option

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