A quick tour of As-Built Editing Construction tools

The Construction Tools include two point construction tools and one line construction tool to streamline feature creation.

Point Construction Tools
Point construction tools
Tool Tool Name Description
Add a Meter Setting and the Service (Gas) Creates a point (meter setting) and then creates a line (service) from the point to the nearest location on another line (main) layer. Additional point features can be placed along the line. You can define the point features in the configuration file. To override the defined templates and prompts for each feature, press the CTRL key. To connect to the closest selected line (main), press and hold the SHIFT key while placing the point.
Split Line at Point (Gas) Creates a point and attempts to split an intersecting line feature. You can define the splitting behavior in the configuration file.
Line Construction Tools
Line construction tools
Tool Tool Name Description
Create a Line with Points (Gas) Creates a line feature and optionally splits that line at every vertex. This tool can also place point features at the end of a line or vertex. You can define the qualified layers, how to split a line, and how and what kind of points to place in the configuration file.