Connect with Customers

Use this collection of maps and apps to provide detailed information about maintenance activities, and empower customers to improve the quality of water utility services in their community.

Capture Service Issues

The Water Service Request app improves the way customers report water, sewer, and stormwater service issues.

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Outage Viewer

Share Outage Information

Outage Viewer allows customers to input an address and view current outage information.

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Drinking Advisory

Provide Water Advisories

This solution allows customers to view areas with affected service; helping water utilities to communicate a drinking water alert or advisory information during a planned or unplanned event.

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Water Restriction

Share Water Restrictions

The Water Restriction map provides constituents detailed information about water restriction zones they reside in and is designed to be embedded on a utility website.

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Adopt an Asset

Adopta can be used by government agencies and other organizations to engage the public in the maintenance of natural and man-made assets.


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Lead Service Management

Communicate Lead Potential

The Lead Service Management solution can be used by a utility to inform the public about the potential for lead in service lines.

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Online Mapping Platform

Explore the ArcGIS Model Organization for Water Utilities.

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