Numbering features

Explore the sample layers in the Table of Contents

  1. Open the ClearingOperations.mxd if you are using ArcMap, or if you are using ArcGIS Pro create a new project from the ClearingOperations.aptx.
  2. The Results group layer contains a feature class that represents an example output from the Number Features tool.

Now that you are familiar with the sample layers you can turn off the layer and either run the tool on your data or use the sample data included.

Run the Number Features Tool

Open the Number Features tool found in the Gridded Reference Graphic toolbox to number point features (such as structures) within your gridded reference graphic.

You can also use the Clearing Operations task in the Clearing Operations ArcGIS Pro Project Template (ClearingOperations.aptx) to guide you through the entire workflow, including running the appropriate geoprocessing tools.

  1. Set the Input Area to Number to an area of interest in a polygon feature class or by sketching a polygon with the feature set tool.
  2. Select a layer for Features to Number that the tool will use as input features.
  3. Select the Field to Number field within the feature class which will store the numbers.
  4. Enter a name for the Output Numbered Features new point feature class, or leave blank to overwrite the input feature class.
  5. Click OK to run the tool.