June 2018 release

What's new

New functionality for Distance and Direction in this release.

  • Support the following:
    • ArcMap 10.3.1 – 10.6.1
    • ArcGIS Pro 2.1 – 2.2
  • Input coordinate parameters handle longitude-latitude order.
  • Support for Dark Theme in ArcGIS Pro
  • Added support for labels in ArcGIS Pro .

Issues addressed

The Distance and Direction June 2018 release fixes the following issues:


The Delete key on the Circle tab removes all zeros if the leading nonzero digit is deleted

Drawing line graphics across the International Date line causes label issues in ArcMap

ArcGIS Pro gives an error if the user does not explicitly name a feature class on "Save As"

Save As does not export relevant fields in ArcMap

The create circle from Radius/Diameter value entered is always radius

Distance Calculator results are always labeled with radius in ArcMap

The Ellipse tool axis labels are incorrect in ArcMap with "Semi" Ellipse type

The Map Point Tool does not activate when restarting ArcMap from .mxd saved with the Distance and Direction window open

Cursor location does not match the circle diameter

Crash occurs when entering the same value for Starting Point and Ending Point

The Distance and Direction Ring and Ellipse tools cause ArcMap to be unresponsive when clicking outside the basemap extent

Known issues

This section lists known limitations of Distance and Direction.

ArcGIS Pro

  • When the Distance and Direction group layer is removed from the Table of Contents and Distance and Direction is used again, another feature dataset is created in the default geodatabase.
  • Distance unit in feature tables is not based on resource value.
  • New feature dataset is added to the default geodatabase if the layers are not present in the table of contents.
  • Range ring radials distorted when they pass near the poles.


  • Exporting to KMZ leaves lockfile in folder preventing next KMZ export in folder.
  • On the Line, Ellipse, and Rings tab deleting a nonzero digit removes all trailing zeros.
  • ConstructGeodesicCircle / ConstructGeodesicEllipse fails to return for some projections.
  • Holds on to previous coordinate system.
  • Exported KMZ symoblogy does not match the source symbology.