January 2019

The Military Symbol Editor January 2019 release supports the following:

  • ArcGIS Pro 2.1–2.3

What's new

New functionality for Military Symbol Editor in this release is described below.

  • Removed the Modify tab. Symbols are now modified on the Symbol and Label tabs. The select tool is now available on all tabs.
  • Support for APP-6(D) standard symbology.

Issues addressed

The Military Symbol Editor January 2019 release fixes the following issues:


Tags on Search tab do not update when the symbol changes.

Results in the Search tab are not alphabetical.

When creating feature templates using the Military Symbol Editor the proper symbol name is not used. 

Known issues

Known limitations of Military Symbol Editor are listed below.

ArcGIS Pro

  • Only one Military Symbol Editor schema can exist in an enterprise GDB
  • Using the Military Overlay datamodel does not show symbols in legend
  • Military Symbol Editor is missing the ability to add specific required symbol attributes from Table IV of MIL-STD-2525B w/CHANGE 2
  • Unable to change the Entity field for an existing symbol
  • On ArcGIS Pro 2.1, times must be entered manually in date time fields
  • Country codes not displaying for 2525D