Configure an asset package for your organization

The Electric Utility Network Configuration provides sample data to allow you to evaluate the capabilities of the utility network. To use this configuration for your own organization, you'll need to adjust the spatial reference, and load your service territory.

Change the spatial reference of the asset package

If you're loading your own data or want to change the spatial reference of the sample data, use the Change Asset Package Spatial Reference tool. This tool takes an existing asset package and creates a new asset package with a user specified spatial reference.

To change the spatial reference, complete the following steps:

  1. On the Analysis tab, in the Geoprocessing group, click Tools Tools.
  2. In the Geoprocessing pane, click the Toolboxes tab to view the toolboxes provided with ArcGIS Pro.
  3. Browse to the Utility Network Package Tools toolbox and click the drop-down arrow to view the tools and toolset in the toolbox. Expand the Asset Package toolset.
  4. Click Change Asset Package Spatial Reference to open the tool.
  5. Enter the required parameter information. The image below provides an example of the parameter inputs.
    Change Asset Package Spatial Reference tool dialog box
  6. Optional - Load your own service territory features into the Service Territory layer in the asset package. It's not necessary to include this layer in the asset package as the Stage Utility Network tool allows you to select a service territory layer from any location but it may be easier to have all your layers in one asset package to simplify the deployment process.
  7. Click Run to update the spatial reference of your asset package.

After running the Change Asset Package Spatial Reference tool and updating the service territory, you are now ready to use this asset package to Create an electric utility network.