Deploy the utility network project

    Deploying the Electric Utility Network project to your organization allows you to access the asset package and utility network maps for electric distribution, transmission, or a combination of both. The maps in this project serve as the basis for the creation, configuration, and administration of your utility network for electric and the foundation of your solutions.

    To access the Electric Utility Network project, you'll deploy the project to Portal for ArcGIS using the ArcGIS Solutions Deployment Add-In.

    1. Start ArcGIS Pro and create or open a project.
    2. On the Share tab, in the Deploy group, click ArcGIS Solutions Solutions Deployment.

      The Tasks pane appears.

    3. In the Tasks pane, double-click Sign in to ArcGIS organization to open the steps of the task. Once you've completed the steps, click Finish to proceed to the next task.
    4. In the Tasks pane, double-click Deploy an ArcGIS Solution to open the steps of the task. Expand the Utility Network folder, select the Electric Utility Network project package and click Deploy.

      Once complete, click Analyze Analyze next to Electric Utility Network to review it in Portal for ArcGIS.

    5. Click Finish to exit the task steps.

    Now that you have deployed your project, you can now begin to chose to Configure an asset package for your organization or continue on to Create an electric utility network with the sample dataset.