Get started with the Electric Utility Network Configuration

Follow the workflow outlined below to get started with the Electric Utility Network Configuration. This configuration provides three options for getting started with the electric utility network. You have the option to deploy the electric distribution, electric transmission, or a combined electric distribution and transmission configuration.

  1. Review the system requirements and make sure you have all the necessary components to proceed with set up.
  2. Download and install the ArcGIS Solutions Deployment add-in and Utility Network Package Tools toolbox.
  3. Deploy the utility network project using the ArcGIS Solutions Deployment Tool.
  4. Optional - Configure an asset package for your organization by updating the spatial reference of the asset package and optionally loading your service territory.
  5. Create an electric utility network using the Utility Network Package Tools and ArcGIS Pro.
  6. Complete the required post process steps, which include registering as versioned and enabling network topology.
  7. Publish electric utility network services to ArcGIS Enterprise and share with your organization.
  8. Update subnetworks to provide your organization with information regarding electric pathways, unacceptable redundancies, and underutilized resources.
  9. Deploy solutions to support common electric workflows, such as editing data and viewing assets.

For more information on the Electric Utility Network Configuration, including latest release items and known limitations, see frequently asked questions and release notes.