What is the Electric Utility Network Configuration?

The Electric Utility Network Configuration configures a utility network to behave in the same way as an electric distribution or transmission system in the real world. The Electric Utility Network Configuration includes the following:

  • Configuration instructions
  • Schema for common components of an electric system
  • A map to publish the utility network service
  • Foundational maps and apps for an electric utility network
  • Workflow examples
  • Sample data

It's important to understand that the Electric Utility Network Configuration is a starting place to implement a utility network for electric. It's designed to provide a baseline configuration and is not designed to be an all-inclusive data model that contains every asset or supports every workflow that an electric system may have. The baseline is intended to be extended to meet any additional asset, workflow, or third-party system integration needs. The baseline should not be modified. Certain modifications to the baseline schema and maps can result in undesired network behavior.