Publish survey

The Community Resilience Surveys is used by preparedness personnel to support the collection of asset information, as well as questions related to resilience and vulnerability. The survey can be accessed on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

Community Resilience Surveys

To publish the Community Resilience Surveys, complete the following steps:

  1. Start ArcGIS Survey123 Connect.
  2. Sign in to your ArcGIS organization.
  3. Click New Survey.
  4. In the New Survey window, click Community in the left column.
  5. Search for Community Resilience.
  6. Click the Community Resilience survey template, change the title to Community Resilience, and click Create Survey.
  7. In ArcGIS Survey123 Connect, click Publish.
  8. Sign in to your ArcGIS organization.
  9. Browse to the Community Resilience feature layer and edit the item details:
    • Thumbnail image: Your image.
    • Description: Asset information, including information related to resilience and vulnerability.
    • Tags: Community Resilience,Resiliency, Emergency Management, Assets.
    • Enable: Sync
    • Editing: Enable editing and Keep track of who created and last updated features.
    • What kind of editing is allowed: Only add new features.
    • What features can editors see: Editors can't see any features, even those they add.
  10. Sign in to ArcGIS Survey123.
  11. Click the All surveys drop-down and choose Surveys I own.
  12. Click on the Community Resilience survey.
  13. On the Collaborate tab, share the survey with users inside your organization responsible for conducting the point-in-time survey.
  14. To view and share the survey click Open the survey in a new tab at the bottom of the Collaborate tab.