Source hazard data

The Hazard Assessment and Analysis solution requires a series of data inputs that drive the planning and analysis workflow. These data can be comprised of content from within your organization, other authoritative services, the Living Atlas or data procured from other organizations.

Aggregate data

  1. Open the Hazard_Assessment.ppkx.
  2. Sign in to your ArcGIS organization.
  3. In the Project pane, expand the Tasks folder and double-click the Threatened Jurisdictions Task.
  4. Double-click the Source Hazard Analysis Data task. This will step you through considerations and sources for hazard data.
  5. Double-click the Import Individual Hazard Events task. This step facilitates incorporating spatial information from both tabular based information and feature data, as well as, the interactive creation of other event information. Use the HazardEvents.xls file as the input source.
  6. Double-click the Import Aggregated Hazard Event Data task. This sub-task steps through the process of bringing in data that needs to be located or aggregated to a specific geography.
Searching for historial earthquakes in the Project pane