Data tasks

Data tasks contain workflows for adding, editing, and managing your data in ArcGIS Pro Intelligence. Access task items from Tasks on the Data tab.

Add Attachments task

This task includes the following workflow:

  • Add Attachments to Data—Enable and add attachments to your data.

Import Data task

This task includes the following workflows:

  • Configure a basemap—Add different basemap types to your map.
  • Ingest Layers—Use the Add Data dialog box, Text to Features pane, Table to Features geoprocessing toolset, and the Batch Import geoprocessing tool to import data in different formats to a target geodatabase. Note that the Text to Features pane requires the ArcGIS LocateXT extension license.
  • Symbolize Layers—Modify the symbols used to represent data on your map.

Time Enable your Data

This task includes the following workflow:

  • Time Enable your Data—Identify time fields in your data to access the time slider and timelines.