Filter data in the timeline

Timelines and time slider

Timelines and the time slider both deal with temporal aspects of data, and these components complement each other in ArcGIS Pro Intelligence.

The time slider appears whenever a layer in a map is time enabled. You can time enable a layer on the Layer Properties dialog box. The time slider allows you to animate the map over time as the time slider progresses. When you animate the map using the time slider, you are applying a temporal filter to your data on the map. Additionally, when you time enable your data, a contextual Time tab appears, on which you can set various parameters pertaining to the time slider.

To use time-enabled data in a timeline, create a timeline and choose the layers you want visualized on it; for more information, see Create a timeline. To use the time slider to filter data in a timeline, you will first need to enable time filtering in the timeline; see the Filter time section below.

To perform other types of filtering on data in a timeline, you can use a definition query on the Layer Properties dialog box.

Filter time

Use the time slider to control the time-enabled features visible in the timeline. This is a powerful way to visualize the sequence of time-enabled features in the timeline, along with the spatial location in the map. When time filtering is enabled in the timeline, the time slider will control the extent of the timeline and the features visible in the timeline for the current time interval.

To enable time filtering in the timeline, do the following:

  1. Click Filter By Time Map Time in the lower right corner of the timeline.
  2. Use the time slider in the map to change the visible features in the map and the timeline.

To disable time filtering in the timeline, click Filter By Time a second time. The time slider and timeline will now operate independently of each other.