Obtain information about elected officials, locate voting centers or polling locations, manage wait times and requests, monitor performance, and share election results.

Conduct Election Outreach

A collection of maps and apps used by the general public to obtain information about current elected officials, and locate voting centers or election day polling places.

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Manage Election Activities

A collection of maps and apps used by elections staff to report wait times, manage voting center or polling place requests, monitor performance, and gauge voter sentiment.

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Share Election Results

Election Results can be used by the general public to view results tabulated on election night, and historical results shared after each election.

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Develop Redistricting Plans

Redistricting Online can be used by government agencies, advocacy groups, and the general public to draw redistricting plans and understand demographic changes.

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Learn how to leverage your geographic information and the ArcGIS Platform to improve government activities and enhance services delivered to the general public.

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Online Mapping Platform

Our ArcGIS Online model implementation will help you organize your geographic information and promote collaboration in your organization.

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