Prepare for Emergency Incidents

A collection of maps for fire operations staff to prepare for emergency incidents, develop response plans, and communicate road closures.

Identify Flood Impact

Flood Impact Analysis can be used by mapping technicians to develop flooding scenarios and visualize the impact of flooding on public infrastructure and critical facilities.

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Inventory Vulnerable Populations

Special Needs Registry can be used by the general public to enroll in a Special Needs Registry that ensures personal safety during an emergency incident.

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Find Warming / Cooling Centers

A collection of maps and apps used by public health and safety personnel to inventory warming and cooling centers and share this information with the public.

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Communicate Road Closures

Road Closures can be used by fire personnel to maintain an inventory of road closures, and communicate closures and detours to travelers.

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Get Started

Learn how to leverage your geographic information and the ArcGIS Platform to improve government activities and enhance services delivered to the general public.

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Online Mapping Platform

Our ArcGIS Online model implementation will help you organize your geographic information and promote collaboration in your organization.

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Discussions on GeoNet

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