The ArcGIS Solutions for Local Government includes a series of focused maps and applications designed to help local governments leverage their geographic information and the ArcGIS Platform to improve government activities and enhance services delivered to the general public.

Configure Your Online Mapping Platform

Leverage an ArcGIS Online model implementation to configure a mapping platform for your local government. It provides a pattern you can follow to deploy Esri's cloud-based GIS platform to manage your geographic content and deliver focused maps and apps to knowledge workers in your organization and the citizens you serve.

Learn how to Configure Your ArcGIS organization

Configure Mapping Platform

Organize Your Geographic Information

The local government solution includes a harmonized information model of maps, map services, and GIS datasets that brings your operations to life and connects silos of data. Configure the information model to meet specific business needs in your organization and load your current geographic data to quickly deploy the maps and apps in your organization.

Bring your information to life in a Harmonized Geographic Information Model

Organize Geographic Information

Deploy Focused Maps and Applications

ArcGIS Solutions for Local Government includes a collection of maps and apps that align with your business needs. Download one or more of the maps or apps, configure them in your organization, and leverage the maps and apps to expand the use of geographic information in your organization.

Explore the gallery of Focused Maps and Apps for Local Governments

Focused Maps and Apps

Deliver Value in Your Organization

ArcGIS Solutions for Local Government reduces the cost and time it takes to deploy mapping applications in your organization. Leverage your geographic information and the GIS investment your community has made to improve services. Transform your application offerings with new maps and apps that are added to the solution on a regular basis. Finally, participate in the larger local government community to drive future releases of Esri's solution offering.

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Deliver Value