Understand trends, analyze the dynamics of an incident; collaborate with other agencies; and allocate resources effectively to protect human life and property.

Monitor Public Safety Incidents

Daily Activity Dashboard can be used by law enforcement command staff to monitor public safety incidents sourced from computer aided dispatch or records management data.

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Perform Crime Analysis

Crime Analysis can be used by crime analysts to conduct a series of analysis functions (for example, Scan, Analyze, Respond, and Assess).

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Develop Tactical Plans

A collection of maps and apps used by law enforcement personnel to streamline the creation of tactical operation plans required to deal with a potential incident.

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Reduce Traffic Fatalities

A collection of maps and apps used to identify roadway hazards and dangerous traffic behaviors that could lead to serious injury or fatality.

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Manage Community Events

A collection of maps and apps used by government agencies and other stakeholders to permit, coordinate, plan, and promote community or special events.

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Learn how to leverage your geographic information and the ArcGIS Platform to improve government activities and enhance services delivered to the general public.

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Online Mapping Platform

Our ArcGIS Online model implementation will help you organize your geographic information and promote collaboration in your organization.

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