Set up organizational accounts

Your site will be used to publish and share content at your company. It is recommended you identify key stakeholders who will own groups and content and will assist in the administration of your organization.

  1. Using an Internet browser, sign in to your organization with your administrator account.
  2. Create an account for each individual that will fill one of the following roles in your organization. Each of these accounts should be a publisher role in your organization.
    Role Description
    GIS - IT Analyst The GIS - IT Analyst is responsible for defining, cataloging and publishing common maps and configurable apps for the organization.
    IT App Developer The IT App Developer is responsible for defining, developing and maintaining common applications and add-ins for the organization.
    IT System Administrator The IT Server Administrator is responsible for maintaining the on-premise (ArcGIS for Server) infrastructure and a common set of hosted services used by the organization. This role is also responsible for ensuring other parts of the ArcGIS platform (desktop and mobile) have connectivity to the organization and on-premise services.