Configure application

The Service Qualification app requires the Service Feasibility widget, which is used to find a route (based on either shortest distance or max business potential) and save the results to a CSV file. To deploy this widget you will need to install and deploy the widget using the Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition).

Service Feasibility widget

Before configuring the app, you will need to add the Service Feasibility widget to your Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition). To deploy the widget, complete the following steps:

  1. In Windows Explorer, browse to the download's Applications folder.
  2. Deploy the Service Feasibility widget.
  3. Start Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition). You will now be able to configure an application using the Service Feasibility widget.

Service qualification app

Once the Service Feasibility widget is added to your Web AppBuilder, you can configure the Service Qualification app to determine optimal routes based on shortest distance and business influence.

To configure the Service Qualification app, complete the following steps:

  1. Create an app from the Service Qualification map and Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition) with the following settings:
    • Name: Service Qualification
    • Description: The Service Qualification app allows the user to determine optimal routes. When the route is determined, the businesses along the route can be exported to CSV.
  2. Configure a new Service Feasibility widget with the following settings:
    Parameter Settings
    Closest facility parameters

    Closest facility service URL: http://<yourserver>/arcgis/rest/services/ServiceQualificationRoute/NAServer/ClosestFacility or ArcGIS Online Closest Facility service proxy

    Facility search distance: 20,000

    Impedance attribute: LengthToBusinessRatio

    Default cut off distance: 50,000

    Custom attribute parameter values: Checked. Then select Business Influence and Allow User Input with a min value of 0 and a max value of 100.

    Attribute lookup

    Attribute parameter value lookup: Prohibited, Avoid_High, Avoid_Medium, Avoid_Low, Prefer_Low, Prefer_Medium, Prefer_High

    Selection layer settings

    Enable selection layer: Checked

    Selection layer: Businesses

    Field to be displayed in result list: BUSNAME

    Buffer distance to generate service area: 500

    Buffer units : Feet

    Route settings

    Access point layers : Check Splice Closure and Patch Panel. Also, allow user to select access point layer

    Route result label: Route Length

    Route length conversion units: Meters

    Route result expression: {Length}

    Route result unit label: Meters

    Result unit label position: After

    Rounding option: no decimal

    Target layers to save results to layer

    Selection layer: Business Results

    Route layer: Route Results

    • Field to save route length : ROUTELEN
    • Field to save selection count: NUMBUS
    • Field to save route result expression: Unchecked.

    Route-Selection attribute transfer: Checked

    • Route layer field: ROUTENAME
    • Selection layer field: BUSNAME

    Export to CSV

    Export to CSV: Checked

    Barrier symbols

    Allow barriers: Checked

    Point barrier symbol: Select a symbol

    Line barrier symbol: Select a symbol

    Polygon barrier symbol: Select a symbol

    Location symbol Select a symbol
    Route symbol

    Select a symbol

    Buffer symbol

    Select a symbol

    Highlighter image

    Image: Select an image or leave as default

    Height: 100

    Width: 100

    Timeout: 1000

  3. Update the app's attributes to meet your organization's needs and branding.
  4. Save the application.
  5. Deploy the app and register the app to your ArcGIS Online organization.
    • Title: Service Qualification
    • Thumbnail image:Service Qualification Thumbnail
    • Summary: Application to find the optimal route for fiber to a new location.
    • Description: Enter an address or click the map to find the best route for fiber. You can adjust the importance of businesses to find a route that maximizes revenue.
    • Tags: Telecommunications, Fiber