A quick tour of Gas Utility Editing toolbar

The Gas Utility Editing toolbar is a series of tools to improve a map technician's editing infrastructure data experience.

Gas Utility Editing Toolbar
Tool Tool Name Description
Connect Features Connect Geometric Network Features Connect selected features participating in a geometric network.
Disconnect Features Disconnect Geometric Network Features Disconnect selected features participating in a geometric network.
Connection Checker Connection Checker Evaluate the geometric network features in the visible extent to verify
  • All junctions (points) connect to an edge (line).
  • All edges (lines) connect to another edge through a junction or end with a junction.
This tool displays a dialog box showing the number of errors in each class and selects the features requiring connection. You can restrict the connection checker to only visible layers in the configuration file.
Rotate Feature Rotate Selected Junctions Rotate select point features to match the orientation of a connecting line. Customize the rotation in the configuration file.
Add Rotation Add Rotation to Feature Add a predefined value to the rotation of selected point features. You can customize the rotation in the configuration file.
Split Line Split Lines at Selected Points Split line features where they intersect selected point features. An elevation field can be provided as a parameter. You can set the snap distance, the smallest line to skip, and turn off the Attribute Assistant before the split in the configuration file.
Add Laterals At Connections Add Laterals at Connections Evaluate selected point features and draw a line (lateral) from each point to the closest feature in the specified line (mains) layer. Additional point features can be placed along the line (lateral). Only point layers defined in the configuration file are evaluated with this tool. To override the defined edit templates, press and hold the CTRL key before pressing this button. To search for the closest selected main, press and hold the SHIFT key before pressing this button.