This item has been moved to mature support. Please see What's new for more information.


Proposed Water Design Overview

The Proposed Water Design solution can be used by water engineers and developers to quickly sketch in proposed or early stage water infrastructure projects using ArcGIS Web AppBuilder. To simplify the sketching process, the designer selects valid sketch types from a predefined list.

The designs created in the Proposed Water Design app can then be shared with the utility's ArcGIS organization to increase collaboration on early stage or proposed projects.


Proposed Water Design requires specific technical experience and software.

Requirement Description
Solution deployment
  • ArcPro 2.4 - 2.6 (Basic, Standard, or Advanced)
Solution hosting
  • ArcGIS Online, or
  • ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5 - 10.8.1 (Standard or Advanced) with managed data store
  • ArcGIS Web AppBuilder

What you get

When you deploy Proposed Water Design, you'll find the following:

Item Name Description
Application Proposed Water Design An application used by water engineers to sketch proposed or early stage water infrastructure designs.
Map Proposed Water Design A map used by water engineers to sketch proposed or early stage designs.
Feature layer Proposed Water Design A feature layer used to store infrastructure designs submitted by engineers or developers.

What's new

Below are the release dates and notes for Proposed Water Design.

Date Description
November 2020
  • Proposed Water Design has been moved to Mature Support.
June 2017
  • Proposed Water Design documentation updated for automated deployment with the ArcGIS Solutions Deployment Tool.
January 2017
  • Proposed Water Design can now be deployed in your ArcGIS organization with the ArcGIS Solutions Deployment Tool.
September 2016
  • An update to the edit templates to include both Freehand and Line creation tools.
  • An update to the application configuration to use the Smart Editor widget.
  • An update to the Proposed Lateral Lines field alias to correct a typo.
March 2015
  • Configuration of ArcGIS Web AppBuilder
  • Schema updates to remove material type field for services and mains
  • Inclusion of a proposed system valve layer
February 2014
  • First release of Proposed Water Design

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