Release notes for 2.0

The release notes for the first release of the Sewer Utility Network Configuration are described below.

February 2019

The February 2019 release of the Sewer Utility Network v2.0.1 project package includes the following updates to the data model:

  • Removed subnetwork diagram templates from the Subnetworks layer.
  • Removed Pipe Directional Dual Terminal assignments and associated rules for:
    • Sewer Device / Controllable Valve: System
    • Sewer Device / Controllable Valve: Vault

June 2018

June 2018 was the first release of Sewer Utility Network Configuration. This configuration is a series of maps and apps for sewer utilities to quickly take advantage of the capabilities of the ArcGIS Utility Network Management extension to manage sewer networks.

The Sewer Utility Network Configuration includes the following:

  • Configuration instructions
  • Schema for common sewer components
  • Rules to define network behavior
  • Project for configuring and publishing the utility network services
  • Maps and apps to support common sewer utility workflows
  • Sample data

To learn more about the advantages of using the Sewer Utility Network Configuration, see Benefits of the Sewer Utility Network Configuration.

Known issues

A known limitation of the Sewer Utility Network Configuration is described below. Software developers are working to fix this issue in a future release of the solution.

  • The ArcGIS Solutions Deployment Tool does not support deploying maps and apps using the utility network simple map service. Solutions deployed will use the utility network feature service that has been published to your organization.