Sun Position Analysis

The Sun Position Analysis template is used to perform hillshade analysis at specific dates, times, and locations. The output from this analysis can be used to visualize potential locations where the adversary can deploy personnel and equipment to evade detection from intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance assets.

This template illustrates how you can:

  • Perform an advanced hillshade analysis with a digital elevation model and the Sun Position and Hillshade Analysis tool


Sun Position Analysis requires specific technical experience and software. Minimum system requirements for ArcGIS 10.0 for Desktop can be found on the ArcGIS Resource Center website.

Sun Position Analysis is supported on ArcGIS 10.0 for Desktop.

Requirement Description
  • Editing a page layout in ArcGIS for Desktop
  • Using geoprocessing tools in ArcGIS for Desktop
Map Authoring
  • ArcGIS 10.0 for Desktop Advanced
  • ArcGIS 10.0 Spatial Analyst

What you get

When you download the Sun Position Analysis template, the download includes the following:

Directory Folder Item Description
data Layers Hillshade.lyr A layer file that symbolizes the output from the Sun Position and Hillshade Analysis tool with the stretched, black to white color ramp.
Results.gdb A file geodatabase that stores the results from the Position and Hillshade Analysis tool.
Scratch.gdb A file geodatabase that holds temporary data or results while running the Sun Position and Hillshade Analysis tool.
SunPositionAnalysis.gdb A file geodatabase that contains the example data for the template.
documentation Using the Sun Position Analysis Template 10sp2.pdf A Portable Document Format (PDF) file that contains the offline version of the documentation for the template.
toolboxes Scripts spa.py A Python file that generates a hillshade raster for a specified area, in which an observer position, date, and time are utilized to determine the sun altitude and azimuth.
Sun Position Analysis.tbx SourceScripts A toolset that contains the Sun Position Hillshade script tool.
Sun Position and Hillshade A script tool that runs the spa.py Python file.
Sun Position and Hillshade Analysis A model tool that runs the Sun Position Hillshade script tool.
Sun Position Analysis (ArcGIS 10).pdf A PDF file that briefly describes the template.
SunPositionAnalysis.mxd The map document that contains the specifications for the map layers, the page layout, and all other map properties.

What's new

Below are the release notes for the Sun Position Analysis template. If you need support, please contact Esri Support Services. If you would like to get help from other military and intelligence community members, post your question on GeoNet.

Version Description
  • Support for ArcGIS 10.0 for Desktop Service Pack 2

Get Started with Sun Position Analysis

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