The Community Resilience Dashboard can be used by government officials to monitor asset resilience within communities, monitor community contributions and measure progress toward the resilience objectives.

Community Resilience Dashboard is a configuration of the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS application that can be deployed by emergency management organizations and used by government personnel on desktop computers and tablet devices.


Requirement Description
  • Publishing GIS services
  • Authoring maps
  • Administering ArcGIS Online groups and organizing content
  • Creating and sharing Operations Dashboard views
Map authoring
  • ArcMap 10.3 - 10.5
  • ArcGIS Online subscription
GIS service hosting
  • ArcGIS Online subscription, or
  • ArcGIS for Server 10.3 - 10.4 (Standard or Advanced), or
  • ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5 (Standard or Advanced)
  • Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS

What you get

When you download Resilience Dashboard, you'll find the following files:

Directory Item Description
MapsandGeodatabase CommunityResilience.ppkx A project used to publish the Community Resilience service.

What's new

Below are the release dates and notes for Resilience Dashboard.

Date Description
June 2017
  • First release of Resilience Dashboard.

Get started with Resilience Dashboard

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