The Address Data Management solution includes an Address Editing toolbar and a set of ArcMap Construction tools that have been optimized for address data management. These editing tools improve the editing experience when working with roads and address information. For example, there are tools that accomplish the following:

  • Add new road segments and allocate existing address ranges to the new segments.
  • Flip road segments so the direction of the line and address ranges are in sync.
  • Add new site address points and compute the proposed address from a location along the road centerline.

In addition to the address tools, the Address Data Management solution includes the Attribute Assistant Add-In. This add-in uses a series of predefined methods to automatically populate attributes when features are created or updated. For example, one method uses a valid list of road names contained in a master street name table to populate the full road name attribute of each road centerline and site address feature. Other methods help maintain the integrity of your address data by populating site address attributes, including unique identifiers, United States National Grid (USNG) coordinate values, and facility site names.