ArcGIS Online for organizations is a cloud-based mapping platform that is accessible from many different locations. Organizations can subscribe to the platform and use it to manage, create, store, and access hosted services, maps and applications.

ArcGIS Online for State Government enables Departments to create, store, and access both locally hosted content, as well as, cloud-hosted content. The content will be comprised of services, maps and configurable applications.

The ArcGIS Online for State Government solution allows state government organizations to use the entire platform to collaborate, catalog, and share maps and applications with members of your organization, other state organizations or constituents of your state. You will utilize this model organization to set up an ArcGIS organization for both your state government organization as well as a broader state government structure to collaborate across Departments.

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ArcGIS Online for State Government requires specific software.

Requirement Description
  • ArcGIS Online subscription
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (Optional)

What you get

When you download the ArcGIS Online for State Government, you'll find the following files:

Directory Item Description
AGOLforStateGov Icons A folder containing a series of folders that contain icons for general and specific departmental grouping, as well as, open data group icons.
AGOLBannerTemplate.ppt A Microsoft PowerPoint document used to create an ArcGIS Online home page banner.
AGOLThumbnailTemplate.ppt A Microsoft PowerPoint document used to create icons for each ArcGIS Online item.

What's new

Below are the release dates and notes for ArcGIS for State Government.

Date Description
March 2017
  • Updated thumbnail template with new icons.
January 2017
  • Updated thumbnail template with new style option.
February 2015
  • Updated documentation and open data group icons.

Known issues

  • This configuration pattern does not include support for ArcGIS for Portal.

Get started with ArcGIS Online for State Government

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New deployment option

ArcGIS Solutions can now be quickly deployed in your organization with the ArcGIS Solutions Deployment Tool. During deployment, the tool will create the items, groups, feature layers, maps and applications that make up the selected ArcGIS for State Government Solution.