Electric distribution batch job

Below is a list of the data quality control checks, broken out by groups, provided with the Data Reviewer for Electric Utilities. These preconfigured checks are just a sample of the important checks that can be used for validating, maintaining, and ensuring the integrity of electric distribution network data.

Group name Description
Device must split Conductor Checks Identifies fuses and switches that do not split conductors and bus bars.
Domain Checks This check validates feature attributes according to values specified for their coded value and range domains in the geodatabase.
Duplicate Geometry Checks This checks identifies duplicate features within the same feature class and ones co-located with points from other feature classes:
  • Dynamic Protective Device
  • Electric Stations
  • Fuse
  • Open Point
  • Service Point
  • Switch
  • Transformer
Facility ID Checks Identifies features will null Facility IDs.
Feeder ID Checks Identifies features with null Feeder IDs.
Operating Voltage Checks Identifies features with null Operating Voltages.
Orphan Device Checks Identifies devices not connected to conductors.
Overlapping Conductor Checks Detects conductors and/or bus bars that overlap.
Phase Designation Checks Identifies features with null Phase Designation.
Relationship Class Checks Identifies records in relationship classes that are orphans or have null relationship keys.
Subtype Checks Identifies features with invalid subtypes.