Public Outage

The Public Outage map solution allows a utility to inform customers about the electric system's status by region. This map includes different geographic regions to display summaries of customer in and out of service, as well as a percentage of customers out of service. Optionally, you can display the locations of outage events.

The outage information is created through a series of geoprocessing models. The results are then shared to an ArcGIS organization to provide the public with a scalable map that can handle heavy demands when there is a large outage.


Public Outage requires specific technical experience and software.

Requirement Description
Map authoring
  • ArcMap (Standard or Advanced) 10.2.1, 10.5 - 10.8
  • ArcGIS Online
  • ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5 - 10.8
Map service hosting
  • ArcGIS Online, or
  • ArcGIS Enterprise (Standard or Advanced) 10.5 - 10.8
Application hosting
  • ArcGIS Online
  • ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5 - 10.8
  • Basic Viewer (ArcGIS configurable web application template)

What you get

When you download the Public Outage map, you'll find the following in the zip file:

Directory Item Description
Maps and GDBs PublicOutages.mxd A map document used to publish the public outage service.
PublicOutagesStaging.mxd A map document used to run the outage geoprocessing models and create the outage service data.
PublicOutages.gdb A sample geodatabase with sample outage and service area data.
PublicOutages.tbx A toolbox with tools to calculate outage details by customer and event, and calculate the total number of customers.
Icons A folder containing icons for the services, maps, and apps.

What's new

Below are the release dates and notes for Public Outage.

Date Description
July 2015
  • Updated map document with a new sample dataset
  • New symbology for the Public Outages map document
  • New map document used to stage the outage data for publishing.
September 2013
  • First release of Public Outage

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