The information on this page has been moved to mature support. For the most current information on the CCTV Manager, go to Introduction to CCTV Manager.


CCTV Manager

CCTV Manager can be used to create spatial data from closed circuit television (CCTV) sewer inspections.

CCTV Manager works with multiple input data schemas and can be configured to work with a custom schema. After using CCTV Manager, CCTV data can be viewed on a map and easily shared around an organization. Links to digital pictures and videos of observations are preserved and can be accessed via a map. Spatial analytics can be applied to the data providing additional asset management insights.

CCTV Manager workflow

Get started with CCTV Manager in three steps:

  1. Install the Utility Solutions Tools toolbox, containing the CCTV toolset for importing and generating CCTV features. Optionally, download the sample data to get started right away.
  2. Convert CCTV inspection tables from an Access database to a file geodatabase.
  3. Generate point features for each CCTV observation and line features for continuous defects and all mains surveyed from imported CCTV data.

Get started with CCTV Manager