Before creating an empty schema of the Local Government Information Model, review the data dictionary for the Local Government Information Model. Determine which maps and apps you would like to implement. Identify the layers contained in the map documents and the source of the data in the geodatabase. The maps and applications you want to deploy should drive this selection process.

If you currently use the Local Government Information Model in your organization, the ArcGIS Solutions Schema Migration Wizard will help you migrate from one version of the information model to a newer version (for example, June 2014 to December 2014) and incorporate content provided with each release. For example, if you started your implementation with the June 2014 information model and made changes to specific datasets or domains, you can update the datasets and domains that Esri has changed in the latest version to match.

To get started, download the Local Government Information Model and place the contents on your computer. Then, create an empty copy of the Local Government Information Model in your environment using X-Ray for ArcCatalog. In doing so, you'll learn how to create an empty geodatabase schema in your organization's spatial reference using ArcGIS Map.