Create map

The Water Access Locator application consumes maps that are accessible to the general public and named users in your ArcGIS Online organization. Create a water access locator map and share it with citizens interested in water access locations. Citizens and other interested parties can then access the Water Access Locator application on smartphones, desktop computers or tablet devices.

Create Water Access Locator map

To create an ArcGIS Online water access locator map, complete the following steps:

  1. Sign in to your ArcGIS Online organization.
  2. Create a map to display water access locations, by completing the following workflow:
    • Choose a basemap
    • Add the Water Access layer to the map
    • Configure pop-up for each layer
    • Save the map as Water Access Locator
  3. Disable editing on the Water Access Locator layers.
  4. Save the map and share it with everyone.
  5. Browse to the Water Access Locator map and edit the item details:
    • Name: Water Access Locator
    • Thumbnail Image: your image
    • Description: This map contains water access locators used in the water access locator application.
    • Tags: Water Access Locator, Natural Resources, Recreation