Additional configuration

Application settings

Use the configuration.json to configure the Photo Survey application to your organization's needs. Photo randomization, guest access, thumbnail image display, and twitter credentials can all be configured by modifying the following parameters:

Parameter Description
randomizeSelection Controls how the Photo Survey application will display photos.
  • true for random photo display (default)
  • false for ordered photo display
allowGuestSubmissions Specifies if the Photo Survey application will allow guest or anonymous survey submissions.
  • true to allow guest (anonymously) submit survey submissions
  • false to disallow guest (anonymously) submit survey submissions
showGuest Specifies if the Photo Survey application will allow guest or anonymous access.
  • true to allow guest (anonymous) access
  • false to disallow guest (anonymous) access
thumbnailLimit Set the maximum number of thumbnails displayed in the Photo Survey carousel. If the number of photos for a given property exceeds this number, the photo carousel will not be displayed in the application.
includeOverviewMap Specifies if the Photo Survey application will include an overview map.
  • true to show overview map
  • false to remove overview map
showSkip Specifies if the Photo Survey application will include a skip button, this requires all surveys to be submitted.
  • true to show skip button
  • false to remove skip button

Survey settings

There are several options available regarding the types of survey responses that can be presented on the survey panel. Choose from the options below based on the structure of your data as well as the desired user experience.

Once you have determined which response type to use, choose the appropriate options in the Survey Questions table.

Field Description Required Information
Field name in Photo Points Field name in the Photo Points layer that the survey response will be stored. Field name
Question Type Survey question type, choose from the dropdown. Parent, Child
Parent OBJECTID If the question should be dependent on the response to a parent question, add the parent ObjectID of this question. ObjectID
Display Condition(s) Value required to display this question. Value
Question Text Text displayed for each survey question. Text
Question UI Type Available question types, choose from the dropdown. Button, List, Dropdown, Text, Number
Image URL To display images on the survey panel, add the image URL. URL
Image Position Position of image in the survey panel, choose from the dropdown. Before, After
Required? If the question is required for the survey, choose from the dropdown. Yes, No
Question Order Order of the questions as they appear in the survey form. Numeric value