The Model Organization for Wireline and Cable solution provides a model structure, configuration settings, and graphic generation tools that help configure your Portal for ArcGIS or ArcGIS Online organization.

The model organization implementation will show you how to:

  • Configure ArcGIS as a mapping portal for your organization.
  • Create groups that support sharing and the functional needs of your organization.
  • Organize map services and author relevant maps and apps for users in your organization, and the customers you serve.
  • Leverage the solution to create and deploy useful maps and apps in your organization.
  • Invite users into your organization to fill key roles in your portal.

Your specific configuration may vary depending on the functional responsibilities of your telecom and the maturity of your ArcGIS implementation. In addition, you should configure your organization's home page and other aspects of the ArcGIS Online subscription to match your company's brand.

To get started, download the ArcGIS Solution and place the contents on your computer. Next, walk through the help topics on this page.