ArcGIS Online is a cloud-based mapping platform for organizations that can be used from anywhere on any device, web browser, or desktop application. Organizations can subscribe to this secure platform and use it to manage, create, store, and access hosted services, maps and applications.

The model organization is a guide you can use to set up your ArcGIS Online organization and begin to leverage ArcGIS Online as a mapping portal for your organization. In addition, you will learn how to organize services and author relevant maps and apps for users in your organization and the citizens you serve and invite users into your organization to fill key roles in your online GIS system.


ArcGIS Online for Local Government requires specific software.

Requirement Description
  • ArcGIS Online
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (optional)

What you get

When you download the ArcGIS Online for Local Government, you'll find the following files:

Item Description
Icons A folder containing a series of icons used in the model organization.
AGOLBannerTemplate.ppt A Microsoft PowerPoint document used to create an ArcGIS Online home page banner.
AGOLThumbnailTemplate.ppt A Microsoft PowerPoint document used to create icons for each ArcGIS Online item.

What's new

Below are the release dates and notes for ArcGIS Online for Local Government.

Date Description
December 2017
  • The Try it Now experience for the model organization has been moved to mature support.
December 2015
  • New AGOLThumbnailTemplate.ppt with simplified icons for an ArcGIS Online item.
  • A series of new icons that can be used in conjunction with ArcGIS Open Data.
  • New central group for Gallery Application Templates.
  • New functional groups for Planning and Development agencies.
October 2014
  • New Try it Now experience for a model organization.
June 2014
  • A series of new group icons for Assessor's Office, Clerk-Recorder's Office, Emergency Management, Fire Department, Law Enforcement, Public Works, and Water Utility.
  • New central group for Open Data.
  • New functional groups for Public Works and Law Enforcement agencies.
April 2014
  • A series of new group icons

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