A quick tour of the Utility Network Package Tools

The Utility Network Package Tools include geoprocessing tools to stage, import, and export a utility network. The tools are designed to work with an asset package to create a utility network schema, load sample data, and import and export a utility network from a staging to a production environment. An asset package contains all the properties of a utility network, including asset groups and asset types, attributes and domains, terminals, categories, network attributes, association rules, edge connectivity policies, tiers and subnetworks, rules, attribute rules, and diagram templates. Asset packages can also include feature classes and tables related to network classes.

Utility Network Package Tools

The Utility Network Package Tools contain tools to create and configure utility networks using asset packages. At the root level of the toolbox the Stage Utility Network tool creates the required dataset and utility network in a database. The toolbox also contains the Asset Package toolset for the Apply Asset Package and Export Asset Package tools. The Apply Asset Package tool defines a schema and properties of a utility network, by applying a domain network and structure network to a staged utility network. The Export Asset Package works in reverse and allows you to export a utility network to an asset package, for example when moving from a staging to production environment.

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Asset package schema

An asset package is a file geodatabase that models the schema, properties, and data of a utility network and its related layers. A few examples of these properties are categories and network attributes, which are mechanisms that allow you to tag features as having a specific capability or property. For example, setting a device as a protective device. Roles are also set and allow you to define an asset's role in an associative relationship as either a container or a structure. Some assets are contained inside of equipment while others may be attached to structures. Connectivity and association mechanisms allow you to model these various relationships and the asset package schema defines all of these properties to create a utility network that models real world network behavior. Two new tables have been added that allow for customization of the asset package upon creation of a utility network. The D_Rename table provides the ability to rename items in the asset package and the D_Configurations table can be used to define subsets of the asset package and apply this subset on creation of the utility network.

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