Get started with the Utility Network Package Tools

The configuration process of the utility network starts with the initial creation of the utility network and continues through tasks to set up the network classes and properties in the utility network. The Utility Network Package Tools streamline this process and eliminate the need to manually run the required tools through geoprocessing or create lengthy Python scripts. The tools also include advanced validation to ensure that once the process has started, the resulting utility network will be completely configured. The Utility Network Package Tools minimize the amount of manual processing by automating common workflows for configuring a utility network.

Get started with the following tasks:

  • Review the system requirements and make sure you have all the necessary components to proceed with set up.
  • Install the Utility Network Package Tools toolbox on each machine that will be used to configure a utility network in your organization.
  • Create a utility network dataset, apply an asset package, and optionally export an asset package from a utility network.

For more information on the Utility Network Package Tools, see frequently asked questions and release notes to learn more about the latest release and known limitations.