The D_Rename table allows you to rename items during the creation of the utility network. To add a new rename field, a user must add a new text field with a length of 1000, and a prefix of rename_. The end user will be presented with an alias of the new field name in the Apply Asset Package tool.

Field Description

Property Type

The type of item that will be renamed. The following are valid inputs:

  • Domain Code Description
  • Table Alias
  • Field Alias
  • Subtype
  • Field Group
  • Attribute Rule Name
  • Attribute Rule Error Message
  • Domain Network Alias
  • Tier Group
  • Tier
  • Diagram
  • Terminal Configuration
  • Terminal
  • Terminal Path
  • Network Category
  • Network Attribute

Hierarchy 1

The primary qualifier for the item to be renamed. For example a Subtype or Table Alias.

Hierarchy 2

A secondary qualifier to specify the item to be renamed. For example, Feature Class name is specified in Hierarchy 1, and Field Name is defined in Hierarchy 2.

Current Name

The name of the item to be renamed.

Bypass Rename

Set the value to True in order to ignore an item during apply.