The C_SubnetworkControllers table is used to define the subnetwork controllers, which are locations where the subnetwork originates (in the case of sources) or terminates (in the case of sinks).


Subnetwork Controller Name

The name of the subnetwork controller.

Feature Global ID

The subnetwork controller global ID.

Target Domain Network

The domain network that includes the subnetwork controller device feature class.

Feature Asset Group

The asset group of the subnetwork controller device.

Feature Asset Type

The asset type of the subnetwork controller device.

Feature Terminal

The subnetwork controller's terminal.

Tier Name

The name of the tier the subnetwork controller feature belongs to.

Subnetwork Name

The name of the parent subnetwork.


The description given when setting the subnetwork controller using the Modify Controller pane.


Notes about the subnetwork controller feature.

Fields in the C_SubnetworkControllers table of an asset package