The B_NetworkAttribute table is used to specify network attributes in a utility network.


Attribute Name

The name of the network attribute that will be added to a utility network.

Attribute Type

The type of attribute. The following are valid inputs:

  • LONG
  • DATE

Domain Name

The attribute domain with which the network attribute is associated with. This value is optional and only required when the network attribute is defined as an inline network attribute. If specified, the attribute domain must be a coded value domain with sequential codes starting at zero (0).

Network Attribute to Substitute

The network attribute to use for substitution. Substitutions are encoded based on the number of bits in the network attribute being propagated. The network attribute must be in-line and an integer field type less than or equal to 8 bits.


Specified if this network attribute supports null values.


Specifies whether the network attribute will be apportioned across multiple edges belonging to the same feature.

Is Overridable

At the current version of the utility network, the overwrite capability is not implemented.

Fields in the B_NetworkAttribute table of an asset package