The B_AssociationRole table is used to define the association roles for assembly and structure features. For each asset group/asset type combination in an assembly or structural feature class, the asset type must be set as a container or structure.


Target Domain Network

The domain or structure network of which the assembly or structure feature belongs.

Feature Class

The utility network assembly feature class or structure feature class that contains the asset type on which an association role is set. The following are valid inputs:

  • Assembly
  • Device
  • Junction
  • Line
  • StructureLine
  • StructureJunction
  • StructureBoundary

Asset Group

The asset group that contains the asset type on which an association role is set.

Asset Type

The asset type on which the association role is set.

Role Type

The type of association role to assign the asset type. The following are valid inputs:


Delete Semantics

The type of delete semantic for the association role. The following are valid inputs:


View Scale

The scale value used to open the container view for features. The scale is set using an integer. For example, a View Scale value of 200 would open a containment view at a scale of 1:200. For association roles that are structures, the View Scale value is set to 0.

Split Content

Specifies what happens to the associated content of a container if the container feature is split. This is only relevant for containers that are line features.

Fields in the B_AssociationRole table of an asset package