Release notes

The release notes for the most recent release of CCTV Manager are described below.

March 2019

This release of CCTV Manager includes the following updates:

  • Updated Utility Solutions Tools toolbox version from 2.2.1 to 2.2.2.
  • Resolved issue in which selecting the CCTV schema selected the wrong value in the Generate Pipeline CCTV Features tool
  • Resolved issue in which Access tables were not displayed on the Import Access Tables tool

September 2018

This release of CCTV Manager includes the following updates:

  • A resolution to a bug caused by CCTV Manager failing to create an output when the condition ID is not set in the database (BUG-000115060).
  • The Generate CCTV Pipe Features results output to a group layer.
  • The symbology was updated for Continuous Defects and Televised Mains layers.
  • A new field has been added to the conditions feature class and is calculated with the category of the code. Layer symbology has been updated to use this code.
  • All fields in the source table are now copied to the resulting layer.
  • The UniqueInspectionID and UniqueConditionID field was added to the inspection tables in the output geodatabase.
  • Since there can be more than one condition per location, the fields from the condition table will not be added to the CCTVConditions table.
  • The ITpipes schema is now supported as a CCTV schema.
  • Attachments added to televised mains can support reports and other nonvideo media included with the ITPipes schema.
  • Additional parameters exposed required for mapping input schema.
  • Parameters order and name updated for consistency.
  • The image_folder parameter was renamed to media_folder.
  • CCTV ID parameter display name updated to Inspection Name.
  • The tool Generate CCTV Features was renamed to Generate CCTV Pipe Features.
  • Domain Boolean was renamed to InspectionStatus.

June 2018

  • This was the first release of the CCTV Manager solution.
  • CCTV Manager replaces CCTV Processor.